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BIRYANI CENTRE‼ It’s a chain of Pakistani fast food Restaurants if you look at it. But there’s a little more to it. There is a brief history behind its creation which holds immense importance to all the people revolving around this brand name and we feel extremely proud and happy about it and are keen to share this out with our customers and all those people who are interested and connected with BIRYANI CENTRE in whatever possible way. It’s a story about 2 great friends and their eccentric idea. Today they are known as the founders of “BIRYANI CENTRE”. The story involves Mr Mehboob Ali (Late) a.k.a Shahid Gilgiti and Mr Amanullah Khan. In order to understand BIRYANI CENTRE it’s important we know who made BIRYANI CENTRE and how. We all know and believe that it is the people of Karachi whose love and support has made BIRYANI CENTRE what it is today but apart from that the people behind BIRYANI CENTRE have invested enough hard work to give the people their “BIRYANI CENTRE”. There are many people who are and have been selling Biryani in Pakistan and long before BIRYANI CENTRE was even born. But what makes BIRYANI CENTRE is the ideology of these 2 friends. They came up with a rather spontaneous idea and a dream to introduce Biryani in a unique way that no one ever considered doing before. They introduced the food of a common being in such a way that today BIRYANI CENTRE caters to almost all the classes that we have in our society. BIRYANI CENTRE is the first of its kind to launch biryani in aluminium foil packing thus known as the pioneer of aluminium foil packing. It was the desire of late Mr Shahid Gilgiti to take BIRYANI CENTRE internationally which Mr Amanullah Khan fulfilled after his demise. BIRYANI CENTRE opened its first overseas branch in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in 2012. Today The Chairman of BIRYANI CENTRE Mr Amanullah khan is running 5 Restaurants in Karachi, Pakistan and looking forward to expand further with your encouragement and support.

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1 Chicken Roll, Served, + Fries, Cole Slaw Ketchup

Only @ RS. 280

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Chicken Tikka (Leg Piece) + 1 Chicken Roll , 1 Puri Paratha, Served Onion & Chatni

Only @ RS. 260

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10 Chicken Roll + 1.5 Ltr Pepsi, Served With Cole Slaw Ketchup & Fries

Only @ RS. 920

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5 Zinger Burger + 1.5 Ltr Pepsi, Served With Cole Slaw Ketchup & Fries

Only @ RS. 1000

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